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Lost Car Keys? Seeking Replacement Keys?

Lost your car keys? Regain access swiftly with our expert services. Our efficient team specializes in crafting new car keys tailored to your vehicle’s specifications. Trust us to provide timely solutions, ensuring you’re back on the road with a set of new keys in no time.

Effortlessly address lost car keys with our expert services. Our precise car key copy ensures a swift replacement, offering seamless functionality. Trust us for reliable lost car keys replacement, providing efficient solutions tailored to your vehicle’s make and model. Regain access to your vehicle with our professional assistance.

Losing your car keys can be a stressful experience, but worry not! At 86 Locksmiths, our dedicated team is ready to provide a swift and effective solution to get you back on the road in no time.


If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, our skilled locksmiths will promptly meet you at your location. We specialize in gaining entry to your car without causing any damage. Once inside, we go the extra mile by supplying, cutting, and programming new car keys right on the spot.

What sets us apart is our commitment to your security. For certain car models, we offer the option to delete all old keys from the vehicle’s system. This added measure ensures that any previously lost car keys or stolen keys will no longer have the capability to start your vehicle, providing you with peace of mind.


Our expertise lies in efficiently replacing lost car keys, and in most cases, we can have you back on the road on the same day. Trust 86 Locksmiths to deliver reliable and professional service during those unexpected moments when you’ve lost car keys.


The following guide is designed to address your queries and furnish you with comprehensive details:


On-Site Car Key Replacement

In certain situations, a skilled automotive locksmith can perform on-site car key replacement, including lost car keys replacement, offering a convenient solution to your needs. The feasibility of this service is influenced by the make and model of your car, as it plays a crucial role in the locksmith’s ability to execute on-site key replacements.

Equipped with specialized tools, your locksmith can adeptly pick the lock of your vehicle and decode it. This intricate process enables them to promptly replace your key right on the spot, ensuring a swift resolution to your car key replacement requirements.

Wondering about the time it takes to replace your car keys? 

The process typically requires your vehicle to be present on the premises for approximately half an hour to an hour. This time frame is necessary as the transponder chip in your key requires programming specifically for your car.

It’s essential to note that access to your vehicle is crucial for the replacement procedure. Without the car on-site, regrettably, we cannot carry out the key replacement service.

Moreover, for most modern cars, duplicating a key directly from an existing one that can start your vehicle, including car key copy, is not feasible. Our key replacement process is designed to accommodate the unique programming requirements of modern transponder chips, ensuring a secure and effective solution tailored to your car’s specific needs.

Locksmith Expertise: Car Lock Replacement Services by 86 Locksmiths

When it comes to replacing the locks on your car, including lost car keys replacement, certain situations may necessitate this action. If the physical locks of your vehicle have sustained damage, it is indeed possible to replace and reprogram them for optimal security. For a cost-effective alternative, consider sourcing a replacement lock from a car-wrecking yard, which proves to be more budget-friendly compared to obtaining one directly from a dealership.

Engaging the services of an automotive locksmith, including lost car keys replacement, is the next crucial step. A skilled locksmith can seamlessly fit the replacement lock into your vehicle and program it to align with the rest of your car’s security system. It’s advisable to locate a lock from the closest make and model of your vehicle to ensure compatibility. While inserting your existing car key into the lock is possible, it may not turn, highlighting the importance of precision in the replacement process.

Swiftly replace lost car keys with our expert services. Our car key maker specializes in crafting precise replacements, ensuring seamless functionality. Trust us for efficient solutions to replace lost car keys, tailored to your vehicle’s specifications. Experience reliable assistance that gets you back on the road with ease.

For any inquiries or concerns about your vehicle’s locks, including lost car keys, new car keys, and car key maker services, don’t hesitate to reach out to the 86 Locksmiths Automotive Locksmith team. We are here to address your questions and provide expert guidance on maintaining the security of your vehicle.



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